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H Cros

Bob Otto, has 25 years of experience in wedding and event photography and has worked for various studios through the years. Bob is passionate about photography and is a forerunner in the newest technology with cameras and lenses. You will love Bob's non-intrusive, artistic, journalistic stlye.

Highlight Productions prides itself on its' non-intrusive, artistic and photojournalistic style. Our unique style will capture your special day with stunning color and black and white images, to look back on over the years and for future generations to enjoy.

B Otto

Hubert Cros, owner of Highlight Productions, is an award winning wedding photographer/videographer with over 15 years of experience. Behind the camera, I am influenced by my French background which helps me to create a unique expression in the fine art of photography. You will also love my energy and creativitiy when taking photos from angles unlike anyone!

I personally meet with every client and oversee every shoot and edit to ensure the highest quality.